Supportability Engineering

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Supportability Engineering is a project management discipline that applies the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) methodology amalgamated with the Systems Engineering processes to achieve the design of an optimised and coherent support solution. The need for Systems Engineering was born with the increase in complexity of systems and projects, this increase in complex sub systems increasing leads to the possibility of component miss match, and therefore the unreliability of the design. When speaking in this context, complexity incorporates not only engineering systems, but also the logical human organisation of data. At the same time, a system can become more complex due to an increase in size as well as with an increase in the amount of data, variables, or the number of fields that are involved in the design. Supportability Engineering encompasses not only the management of complex systems, but the whole of the Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) disciplined approach, that influences the product design and develops a Support Solution to optimise supportability and Though Life Finance. It delivers the Initial Support Package and ensures continued optimisation of the Support Solution in light of product modifications and changes in operational use and requirements.