Integrated Logistic Support Elements

ILS addresses a wide range of support processes in an integrated manner. In the ILS methodology these distinct processes are termed ILS Elements.

To ensure the cost effective application of ILS, both the scope and depth of these elements need to be tailored to meet the specific requirements of each project. This can mean disregarding some elements, with justification, or adding in supplementary elements.

Interactive Technical Solutions Ltd (ITS) provides tailored ILS solutions to the MoD and Industry, to optimise the Whole Life Cost (WLC) of products and projects. Our team of ILS engineers have been intimately involved in Capability Integration on numerous projects and are fully conversant with MoD Capability Requirements including the Support Solution Envelope and underpinning Governing Policies (GP). Our ILS engineers are fully conversant with the implementation of the requirements of DEFSTAN 00-600 and JSP 886 including utilising the Support Solution Development Tool (SSDT) in the contemporary engineering environment.
Integrated Logistic Support services include:

    Computer Support and Software Support
    Configuration Management
    Disposal and Termination
    Facilities and Infrastructure
    Human Factors Integration
    Maintenance Planning
    NATO Codification
    Obsolescence Management
    Reliability and Maintainability
    Safety And Environmental Management
    Supply Support
    Support And Test Equipment
    Technical Documentation
    Training And Training Equipment

ITS also delivers Cost Modelling (including Cost of Ownership (COO)); developed using a modular approach including the Equipment Breakdown Structure (EBS) for each of the systems, complete with a quantitative Master Data Assumptions List (MDAL). ITS has developed Cost Models to provide customers with a vital tool for the identification of key cost drivers; focussing cost reduction efforts on those items which impact on support costs through life.